COVID 19 Information for Employers

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) What You Need to Know as an Employer During This Time

We have spoken to Alberta Labour Standards, ROE personnel, and EI Insurance personnel to obtain accurate information for you as an employer.  We have gathered this information for you for ease of use, this is not legal advice.

If you have an employee that has COVID-19 we need to do a Record of Employment (ROE) for Medical Employment Insurance (EI) immediately, and the employee needs to call the special number for EI Medical for COVID-19 which is as follows:


If the employee was in your facility and you need to self-isolate an employee or all employees, we will also need to do ROEs for Medical EI for them, and they will need to call the number above as well to receive their EI benefits.

If no one is sick but you are feeling the effects of COVID-19, due to lower sales, and you feel like you need to decrease staff hours or lay off some employees, we can help facilitate the paper work needed.  If you are going to temporarily lay off employees, they need to be without hours for a minimum of 7 days and have the required number of hours in the past 52 weeks to qualify for EI.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 780-986-4132 and we will make sure someone can assist you.

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