Xero and Cloud Accounting

 Xero and Cloud Accounting

We first started looking into Xero in 2015, and from there we did a deep dive into the platform.  In 2017, Xero became our cloud-based software of choice.  Xero is newer in Canada, and we love that they are listening to requests from bookkeepers and accountants.  We believe that Xero really listens to us, and the platform is easy to use.

We have heard a common misconception about cloud accounting that there is no Bank Reconciliation Report.  This is simply not true in Xero, and if you are interested, here is a video on how to pull a beautiful bank reconciliation report in Xero (I mean, it’s beautiful to bookkeepers like us, anyway).

What do we like best about Xero?  There is stability in the cloud environment.  Small businesses cannot afford to have their accounting program go down!  Whether they are trying to invoice a client or pay their employees, businesses need a reliable accounting program that will work on demand.  The AI in Xero is also always learning our changes, like with coding to the correct accounts.

It seems like more and more clients want to be involved in their bookkeeping (which is great… right?!), and Xero allows us to give access to specific, separate areas, or all areas, while allowing us to keep an eye on things at any time, live!  We can even be in the file at the same time – game changer!

Have you heard about Hubdoc?  Hubdoc will integrate with Xero so you can snap a picture of your receipts, drag and drop, auto pull statements, and with a little magic, they are saved and coded between the two software applications!  Your data entry can be up to date throughout the month… oh my, we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

This is the future of accounting, right here and now!

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