Common Questions

Many of our clients face similar questions while managing their business. It can be hard to find reliable and accurate information. Leverage our expertise with answers you can trust.

Bookkeeping Questions

Why should I outsource my payroll?

Simple – Time! Labour standards are continually changing to keep up with the diversity of workplaces. Unless your company specializes in payroll, your time can be better spent on your company, not searching through websites to determine if you are compliant with the current standards. Ensuring confidentiality, compliance, and with no worries of employee absences to complete payroll on a scheduled date, leaves you time to do what you do best.

Do I still need an accountant if I have a bookkeeper?

Of course you do! An accountant will still be required for your yearend tax filing and planning, as that is what accountants specialize in.

Why should I have a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers specialize in day to day transactions, reconciliations, and overall company performance and reporting. Great bookkeepers (like us!) will keep you informed and up to date year round, and provide accurate and timely information to the accountant at year end, so you will always know where your company’s performance is all year – not just at year end.

How does ongoing bookkeeping help my business?

It helps you gain a clear picture of financial health so that important business decisions can be made. Ongoing bookkeeping will ensure that important tasks like payroll and government payments are completed on time.

When is it time to outsource the bookkeeping for my business?

It is time to get a bookkeeper when you are spending your time on bookkeeping rather than selling your goods and services. It is good to understand your business and then it is good to “do what you do best and outsource the rest”.

Human Resource Questions

How is a Human Resources Specialist going to benefit my organization?

King Business Solutions can assist your organization with recruitment, onboarding and training, creation of properly written employment contract as well as the develop policy and procedures.

How can King Business Solutions assist my company create a performance review process that actually works?

We can help you develop a system that aligns with the natural flow of business and develop a feedback rich culture. We will help you empower your employees by teaching you how to have honest conversations and assist in the creation of a performance and development plan.

How can outsourcing our recruitment benefit my organization?

Recruiting is time consuming! We want to help you do what you do best so it makes sense to outsource the rest! You can choose to have us help with the posting of your advertisement and screening applicants, or we can complete the entire hiring process for you.

Are you having trouble navigating employment standards?

We’ve got you covered. Let us be your resource for information and advise with up to date knowledge on employment related questions.

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